The Lost Mouse

jabberwocky howling

In a far, far away land called “New York City,” in the borough of Brooklyn, in the neighborhood of Williamsburg, a white himalayan cat named Jabberwocky perched on a window ledge. Jabberwocky lived in a small apartment with two humans and a white dog and all three of them were blissfully unaware of his nightly activities. None of them knew that after everyone fell asleep, Jabberwocky would unlock the door and slip out without anyone being the wiser. Sure, it was not the sort of thing an ordinary cat would do, but Jabberwocky was not an ordinary cat.

The city bloomed with light from the buildings while the sky darkened and the shadows lengthened. Jabberwocky stalked the streets, looking for someone or something to rescue. The only thing different about this night was that Jabberwocky did not have to search for very long before he heard a loud, desperate squeak. Jabberwocky found himself running down a dark alley. There, in the garbage can, was a baby mouse.

“Where is my mommy?” the mouse cried.

Jabberwocky puffed up importantly, “Fear not, tiny mouse, I will help you find your mother.”

This only made the mouse cry harder. Jabberwocky was immediately reassuring, “Oh, no, I’m not that kind of cat. In fact, I’m rather fond of mice.”

“I don’t know what happened,” the mouse explained, “we were running through the kitchen and then, suddenly, I tripped and fell into a large, dark bin filled with deliciously rotted food. Now I’m here and I can’t find my mommy.”

“The best thing to do is to retrace your steps. Is that the restaurant?” Jabberwocky pointed at an iconic corner Argentine cafe. The mouse nodded.

The only creature in there was a rat eating crumbles of Chipas from the floor. In case you’re not familiar with Chipas, it’s a cheese bread recipe from Argentina.

“Excuse me,” Jabberwocky asked. “Have you seen a family of mice recently?”

The rat snorted, “Have I? They’ve been crying about some missing pup for half the night! Last I saw they were in the pantry, sleeping.”

Jabberwocky rushed to the pantry. On the top shelf slept a family of mice.


They woke up, “Oh, you’re here, you’re here, you found us!”

The mother mouse looked at Jabberwocky, “Thank you for bringing him home!”

Jabberwocky winked, “All in a night’s work.”

Before resuming his nightly patrol, Jabberwocky helped himself to some meaty Cazuela Gaucho. Normally, he preferred country style chicken stew but, when in Argentina…

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Every word written is important. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Baylor University.