cats and dogs

Jabberwocky walked in from the kitchen and saw MoongChee sitting on the living room floor in front of the recliner.

As he walked closer, Jabberwocky got a big grin on his face as the wheels in his little head began to turn.

“MoongChee,” he said. “Have you ever been to the circus?”

“Isn’t that the place with the three rings, animals, and peanuts?” MoongChee responded.

“Yep. I hear it’s awesome. We’ll probably never get there, but we can do the next best thing.”

“What’s that?” MoongChee asked, more interested now.

“It might be easier if I just show you…” the white cat replied. He walked across the room and stopped, turning back toward his dog friend.

“MoongChee,” he said. “I want you to stay right there and focus on that picture on the other side of the couch. Don’t think about anything else. Just the picture.”

MoongChee turned his head and stared intently at the picture. “What happens now?” he asked.

Just then, Jabberwocky took off across the room and, with one grand leap, jumped up off the floor, and sailed across the room, landing on the back of the recliner. As his weight pushed back of the recliner down, the foot rest sprung out with a powerful sweep and flung MoongChee high up into the air.

As MoongChee flew, he saw the couch approaching quickly. He pulled his legs up just as he passed over it, with the picture coming ever closer. Then, with a thud, he hit the picture and dropped to the floor.  Dazed, he looked up to try to get his bearings.

Jabberwocky scampered across the room to see him feeling a twinge of remorse. What if his little friend was hurt?

“That was wicked!” MoongChee said as Jabberwocky drew closer. “Can we do it again?”

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